Gaming Bragging Rights Expands

Esports news

With the advent of multiplayer video games and the growing community, the demand is there for all players in the community to be in the know. Everyday, more players are joining the expanding number of players worldwide in various games. Triple-A titles such as League of Legends, DOTA 2, Heroes of the Storm, Counterstrike, and the new game Overwatch, more players are looking at ways to be engaged with one another. Various teams are formed online, each with varying strategies and tips to vanquish friendly rivals around the world.

In one notable example of the popularity of E-sports, the over 16-year-old game Super Smash Bros. Melee continues to gain a fervent following. Despite that this game came out for a console that was popular many years ago, it continues to attract new players who are attuned to its singular mechanics that newer iterations of the game haven’t been able to surpass. Worldwide, people still meet in tournaments to establish their rankings and notoriety, further advancing their street-cred and bragging rights.

Another major game that has a gaining a dedicated following is a hero-based first-person shooter known as Overwatch. The specific and preset nature of the characters and items available to players adds to the attractiveness of the game where players can be part of an action-packed story and competition. Its multi-platform nature allows for various players to compete against one another in their respective consoles. This game shows no signs of slowing down in popularity, as more players discover the fun and the challenges that await them. In the field of seasoned players and new players emerging, the field of competition is guaranteed to never end.

In order to be on top what’s happening in this growing field of entertainment, sites that provide up to date Esports news is available for players to be informed. Various tournaments around the world meet to show who among them is the best, while encouraging new players to join in on the fun worldwide. Esports news is constantly changing, with new prominent players showing off and sharing their exploits via social media online.